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Florida probate and trust laws are complex, and there are serious risks involved for anyone who attempts to close a loved one's estate or to administer a trust without legal representation.

I am attorney Nelson C. Keshen, a South Florida probate and estate administration attorney. I have more than 40 years of experience as an attorney, and I offer competent representation to clients throughout South Florida in probate, estate administration and trust administration matters, including estate and gift tax matters.

For more information about my legal practice and your legal options, please contact me online at my office in the Dadeland/Pinecrest area of Miami, or by calling 305-742-0029.

I Can Handle Your Probate Matters | South Florida Probate and Trust Administration Attorney

Depending on the nature and content of an estate plan and the nature and extent of the assets being administered, the probate or trust administration can be complicated. As your lawyer, I can help you identify and carry out responsibilities, including:

  • Distribution of the estate/trust
  • Management of estate assets/trust assets
  • Accountings
  • Resolution of creditor claims
  • Defense against claims of beneficiaries
  • Sale of real estate
  • Continuing a business after the owner's death (succession)
  • Consideration of income and estate tax issues
  • Post-death tax planning
  • Trust administration, including establishment and supervision of insurance trusts

Mitigating Risk and Protecting My Clients | Estate Litigation

Fiduciaries, executors and estate administrators are entrusted with great responsibilities, but may also be exposed to great legal risks.

For instance, an executor who distributes estate assets, or a trustee of a trust who distributes trust assets, without resolving creditor issues could potentially be held personally liable to the creditor for the error. Likewise, beneficiaries may question your management of the estate or trust.

You do not have to bear your burden alone. In addition to my law degree, I have a master's of law (LLM) degree in taxation and have been a member of the Florida Bar's Probate Rules Committee for more than a decade.

I have a background to assist my clients with estate and taxation concerns related to the probate process in addition to the other aspects of probate administration and to work with their other professional advisors.

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