Nelson C. Keshen, P.A., in Miami, Florida, represents clients in the Dadeland/Pinecrest area of Miami and throughout South Florida in matters concerning probate and administration, estate planning, guardianships, real estate law and business representation.

Nelson C. Keshen is the principal attorney of the firm. I have practiced law in South Florida for more than 40 years and am experienced in the areas in which I practice.

"I want to serve my clients ... to hold their hands and explain things. Although people retain lawyers to resolve legal problems, the personal relationship that develops between the attorney and the client is also important. Cooperation and communication are what best yield a successful client-attorney relationship and can pave the way for successful results for the client, although we can never guarantee the outcome." - Attorney Nelson C. Keshen

I have a master's of law degree in taxation and have been a member of the Florida Bar's Probate Rules Committee for more than a decade. With a broad background but focusing upon specific areas of law, I counsel my clients in legal problems involving real property, contracts, estate taxes, probate, trusts and guardianship.

I have also been mentioned in Forbes magazine concerning my opinion on recent estate tax-law changes and their effects on the viability of marital trusts to preserve assets and avert taxation.

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For more information about my legal services, or to arrange for a consultation with me, contact me online or by calling 305-742-0029.

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